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With a history spanning almost a thousand years, the Università di Bologna, more popularly known among its students as Unibo, is regarded as the oldest university in the Western world. It is Italy's second largest university with a student population of over 100,000. It has 23 faculties offering European specialisation courses (nine), specialised degree courses (98), and first level degree courses (143).

Today, the Università di Bologna has campuses in Forlì, Ravenna, Cesena, and Rimini. It also maintains a foreign branch in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The university has long been one of the bastions of canon law, juridical law, and the humanities. It is known for its longevity and dedication to higher learning.


The Museo di Palazzo Poggi can be found within the Università di Bologna. It is a palace built in the 16th century where the Poggi family lived for more than 300 years that became a laboratory when the university purchased it. Today, it houses various artistic and scientific collections. Every inch of the Palazzo's interior walls is covered in murals. Everything from the labours of Hercules to the life of Camilla (a character from Virgil's Aeneid) is depicted in the murals, which were done by Nicolò dell'Abate.

The University Centre is a complex made up of three historical monuments: the Rivellino Ravelin, the Episcopal Fortress, and the Seminary. These three buildings make up what was once the palatial estate and home of the Bertinoro family. The Rivellino Ravelin was once the Fortress's outpost where the troops that protected the Bishop and the Bertinoro family were stationed. Today, the Ravelin houses several lecture halls, a lounge, and the Centre's secretarial office. The Episcopal Fortress was once the home of the Bishop of Bologna. It has since been refurbished and is now used as guest rooms for students. The walls of the Fortress are covered in murals that date back to the 15th century. The Museo Interreligioso, a museum featuring artifacts from the three monotheistic cultures of the Mediterranean, is located at the ground floor of the Fortress. The Seminary, also called the Foresteria, has been converted to guest rooms. Each of its 65 rooms has Internet connectivity, television, and a telephone line. The Foresteria has a canteen that can accommodate 200 people.

Famous Students

The Università di Bologna has produced some of the Western World's finest minds like 11th-century jurist Irnerius, 16th-century mathematician Girolamo Cardano, and 17th-century astronomer and engineer Giovanni Cassini, and noted semiotician and author of the novel The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco.

International students can study at the University of Bologna by directly enrolling or by taking part of their present university's student exchange program. For enquiries, they can call the General Affairs and Internal Communication
Teaching Activities and Student Office at 0039 051 - 2099251 or e-mail

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